Suzanne Uchytil

Work Experience

Freelance Developmental, Substantive, and Copy Editor
Aug 2014–Present

• Copy-edit fiction and nonfiction content for correct grammar and spelling and for adherence to house style.
• Provide substantive edits for fiction and nonfiction content to improve coherence, concision, organization, accuracy, and usage.
• Provide developmental edits for novels, novellas, and short stories to improve structure, voice, plot, characters, and pacing.
• Provide manuscript evaluations.
• Consult for Whitney Award-winning author Sandra Grey.
• Consult for the Prescott Mountain Neighbors magazine.


Managing Editor and Translator 
Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum Internship
Jan 2019–Present
Brigham Young University

• Spearhead the Russian–English translation and editing process for the book The Historical Materials of Latvian Jews (МатериалыпоИстории Евреев Латвии).
Head the copy editing, proofreading, and typesetting of the text.
• Decrease project duration by collaborating with BYU’s Russian department and Linguistics department to assemble a copy-editing team to work concurrently with the translation team.
• Hold monthly meetings to resolve spelling and grammatical disparities among editing interns.
• Provide translation and copy editing instructions and feedback.
• Advertise current and future translation and editing projects. 
Help translate previously untranslated sections from Russian to English.
Create a production schedule detailing the steps of the publishing process for the manuscript.


Acquisitions and Substantive Editor
BYU Leading Edge Magazine
Jan 2020–Apr 2020
Brigham Young University

• Selected or rejected short story submissions based on writing and story quality.
• Edited short stories for cohesion, coherence, organization, flow, sentence structure, and word choice.
• Discussed substantive edits with managing editor.
• Copy-edited short stories for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Education and Relevant Courses

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Major: Editing and Publishing
Projected graduation: Dec 2021

Relevant courses:
Basic Editing Skills: Explored editing theory and practice in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style; acquired and applied copy-editing skills and basic line-editing skills.
Business of Editing: Developed skills complementary to editing. Skills included basic HTML, eBook conversion, press releases, copywriting, book blurbs, P&L statements, budgeting, and time management.
Editing for Publication: Applied editing, design, and marketing principles to prepare a book for publication. Process included developmental, substantive, and copy editing; back cover blurb; typesetting; proofreading; and cover design.
Genre and Substantive Editing: Acquired and applied substantive editing skills and freelance business strategies.
Grammar of English: Studied the structures and names of types of sentences, phrases, and clauses.
Introduction to Print Publishing: Developed basic skills in book cover, flyer, magazine, and business card design with Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
Modern American Usage: Discussed current conventions and learned effective use of American English.


Honorable Mention in the National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest from the American Council of Teachers of Russian
Humanities Department Dean’s List Fall 2015, Fall 2018, and Winter 2019
Recipient of the Abrelia C. S. Hinckley Scholarship

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